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The Fresh World got its start on september 14, 2006 in Springfield, Virginia.
Founded by Charles Kim and Kenneth Kim, The Fresh World was the fulfillment of a dream, to develop a better grocery store that brought back the feeling of open Korean style super market. This became the basis of the international supermarket.
We're your neighborhood grocery store and so much more! With deliveries arriving each and every day, our produce is ripe, and our meats and seafood are always fresh.
Our goal is to continue offering our customers with high-quality, fresh, and healthy foods in an inviting atmosphere with helpful employees, compared to other brand name stores, We offer produce that have great value for incomparable prices, We look forward to many more years with excellent service, prices, and a variety of products.
Fresh World carries all type of groceries, produce, meats, fishes, frozen deli items, dairy products, home appliances , Korean Kimchi, and many gift items as well, These products are consisted of all around of the world, especially American, Spanish, Chinese, Vietnamese, Japanese, Indian, and Korean etc. Visit our store to explore tens of thousand of products and find foods from your home country in Fresh World's international grocery section.
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